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There are 24 hours in a day .. exercise is 1 of those hours .. what are you doing with the other 23!?

rochester ny personal trainer btaft fitness online personal trainer webster ny personal trainer
rochester ny personal trainer btaft fitness online personal trainer webster ny personal trainer

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The problem most people face when accomplishing their fitness goals is they don't have structure for the rest of the day to set themself up for success... This is why over the years I have developed a 4 pillar system for my clients I call the




Pillar 1: Nutrition

The problem most people face when beginning to exercise is not having an understanding of nutrition to accomplish their goals... here's a secret: 


We provide our clients with a customized nutrition plan and also teach them how to do it so they can learn the skills to be successful over the long term. 

Pillar 2: Exercise


With all the different forms of exercise from crossfit, HIIT training, bodybuilding, pilates, powerlifting, etc... it can be confusing to decide what is right for you.  Every client at BTaft Fitness will go through a physical assessment so that the exercise plan is customized to the individual and allows for progression in a safe and effective manner. 

Pillar 3: Mindset


Having the proper systems for exercise and nutrition is great, but if you aren't focused mentally it will not last for very long... this is where we help clients learn techniques for stress management, controlling emotions, patience, and maintaining a positive outlook is going to be crucial for success!

Pillar 4: Accountability

Many people do not succeed on their fitness journey because they feel like they are going at it alone. We hold our clients accountable by staying in consistent touch with our clients throughout the week through text and encourage clients to reach out for encouragement, feedback on workouts during the week, staying on track during social events, and inspiration when things feel tough.  

Who Do We Work With? 

Whether you are just beginning your fitness journey or have been exercising for awhile and want to take things to the next level, we can help! 


General Population / healthier lifestyle

Fat loss focus

Building Muscle/Strength

Strength & Conditioning for Athletes

Do I need to be located in Rochester NY?
The good answer is no you don't!  Whether you are local or across the country, BTaft Fitness works with clients either with in person training, online personal training, or a combination of both! 

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